About Julie

Welcome to Leading the Field and thank you for your interest in my Pet Care Company.  

One of the most important and significant things I can tell you about myself is simply that I love animals and they make me very happy. From our first family dog at the age of four to the pets that currently share my home, they have all blessed my life and enriched it in their own unique way. 

I’ve always felt a strong affinity with animals and I’m often at my happiest and most content in their company. I’m a qualified Registered Nurse and have always been caring, compassionate and committed to helping people but animals have also played a significant part in my life story. I’ve always felt a strong urge to fight their corner and felt humbled by the power of their unconditional love.  Some years ago I adopted two cats from a local animal rescue and asked if there was anything I could do to help them out. I swiftly became involved with the fundraising side of things and spent much of my spare time yelling “Help your local animals in need” in front of a Tombola stall.

This was just the beginning of my voluntary work. I fostered dogs, cats and rabbits who through no fault of their own found themselves up for adoption. As time went on I became more involved with the rehoming side of things, carrying out home checks, organising veterinary care and generally overseeing the welfare of these pets. I learnt valuable skills in campaigning, administration, team building and management. What didn’t become clear to me until later was how invaluable this experience would be when I set up a business as a dog walker and animal carer. Although I’m not involved in animal welfare to this extent anymore I still help out at fundraising events for a local wildlife sanctuary which is a cause close to my heart.

Lots of people ask me if I have a slogan or motto and I don’t, but I do have a strong belief that each and every animal is an individual and has the right to be treated with patience and kindness.

At this time I have three beautiful horses called Rollo, Merlin and Denis, two gorgeous friendly Labradors named Jet and Lexi and three super cute rabbits called Badger, Violet and Bluebell.

So many amazing animals have crossed my path during my life time and all of them have played a huge part in my decision to become a full time pet carer.

My pledge to you is that your pet will be treated with the same respect, dignity and regard as my own animals are.  I look forward to the opportunity to walk, or visit your pet but most importantly to developing a trustworthy and  loving bond with them in your absence.